Web links and Info

Here are some very useful sites:


Disused Stationshttp://www.disused-stations.org.uk/


- This web site is brilliant.  It is always being added to and shows stations "then" and "now" all over the country.  The kingsbridge branch stations are listed.


Cornwall Railway Societyhttp://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/


- This web site is a treasure trove of photos including the Kingsbridge Branch.


Classic Tractionhttp://classictractionimages.weebly.com/


 - A timeless archive of photos and DVD's.  Prints of photos can be purchased including some of the Kingsbridge Branch.


Aarchive Film Productions




- This web site sells a comprehensive video history of the line.  Well worth buying if you want to see a good video archive.


B&R Video Productions -




- Among the vast collection of video archive there is one DVD - Vol 89 "Along GWR Lines Part 3 Cardiff to Penzance" which has a short piece of film along the Kingsbridge Branch.


Transport Video Publishing -


Available by searching "Great Western Branches and By-Ways DVD"


 - A brilliant DVD with clips of the Kingsbridge Branch.  There is one very good clip with sound, filmed from on board a train, leaving Kingsbridge.


Books on the line:


Several books have been written on the line and they are - 


  • The Kingsbridge Branch by Ken Williams and Dermot Reynolds (Oxford Publishing ISBN:086093 001 7) - This book was the original book to be written on the line and covers in great detail the life of the line.  The book is no longer in print although copies can be found for sale.
  • Branch line to Kingsbridge, The Primrose Line by Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith (Middleton Press ISBN: 1 901706 98 2) - A very good pictorial history of the line.
  • The Kinsbridge Branch, The Primrose Line by Ken Williams and Dermot Reynolds (The Oakwood Press ISBN: 0 85361 493 8) - This is an updated version of the original book with additional photos of the line.
  • Go Great Western by T.W.E Roche (Forge Books) - An interesting and insightful recollection of the journey along the line.
  • Steam on West Country Branch Lines by Peter Gray (Ian Allan Publishing ISBN: 0 7110 2556 8) - This book contains several photos  of the line and the covershot shows an unusual sight near to Brent, not often photographed.
  • The Last Days of Steam in Devon by Maurice Dart (Alan Sutton Publishin Ltd ISBN: 0 86299 925 1) - Various station photos from 1959 to 1960.
  • Camping Coach Holidays on the GWR by Mike Fenton (Wild Swan Publications Limited ISBN: 1 874103 53 4) - A fantastic insight into camping on the GWR.  The book includes various photos of the Kingsbridge Branch and its camping coaches.  Well worth a read!
  • Great Western Branch Line Steam 1 edited by C.L. Williams (D Bradford Barton Ltd ISBN: 0 85153 250 0)- A great book on branch line steam.  Contains some great shots of the Kingsbridge Branch via DMU cab (Brent, Gara and Sorley Tunnel).


Other useful links:


New Adlestrop Railway Atlashttp://www.systemed.net/atlas/


- This site shows all railway lines across the UK, in use and disused and is a very useful reference.