The line officially opened on 19th March 1893 and ran from the mainline terminus at South Brent to the estuary town of Kingsbridge, Devon.  The line had 5 stations in total:


  1. South Brent - Mainline connection
  2. Avonwick
  3. Gara Bridge
  4. Loddiswell
  5. Kingsbridge

The lines was 12.5 miles in length and the stations were distanced at:


  • Avonwick - 2.5 miles
  • Gara Bridge - 5.5 miles
  • Loddiswell - 9 miles
  • Kingsbridge - 12.5 miles


As with many branchlines the line was deemed unprofitable under Dr Richard Beechings 1963 report and subsequently closed on 14th September 1963.

GWR tickets supplied by Mike Roach
GWR tickets supplied by Mike Roach